Customized floating frames are a unique product. Generally each one is made by order.
Please attach the following info in your message to help start the process :
1 – The name of the print
2- What size frame? 11″x14″ or 16″x20″
3- Do you have a preference color for the frame or can I do whatever I want?
4-  Will you be Picking this piece up from my studio at
The Delevan Center
509 West Fayette Street
suite 255,
Syracuse NY 13024


Will it need to be shipped (if so, where)? Allow me 3 business days to respond with all the details & have pricing ready for you.
Generally floating frames range from $80-$175 depending on the customization (Shipping not included)
You can also email me any questions or inquires
Thanks for reaching out!!

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